[Slapt-get-user] Install package from file name?

Taj Morton tajmorton at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 19:16:25 EDT 2005

I'm a developer with the Autopackage project
<http://www.autopackage.org>, and am working integrating the Slackware
Package Management system with Autopackage. In other words, I'm
working on making software installed by Autopackage register with
slapt-get. I'm also trying to get dependency resolution with native
Slackware packages to work. This means that dependencies of
Autopackaged software will first try to be retreived with slapt-get,
then falling back to Autopackaged software if a Slackware package
doesn't exist.

I have a few quesitons which somebody might be able to answer:
1. Is is possible to retreive a package with slapt-get if you only
know a file that's in it. (E.g., I want to retreive a package that
contains /usr/lib/libdes425.so.3).

2. Is is possible to have removepkg run a command after removing
files? (Sort of like doinst.sh, except it runs when the package is

3. How does slapt-get know a package is installed? Does it look at the
package name, (e.g., mplayer) and see if that package is installed, or
does it look for /usr/bin/mplayer to see if mplayer is installed.

4. Is there a faster way to query /var/log/packages to see what
package owns a file than
grep `echo "$1"  | sed 's|^/||g'`$" /var/log/packages/*| awk -F: ' {
print $1 }'|sed 's|/var/log/packages/||g'

I'm sure I'll think of more, but that should get me started...


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