[Slapt-get-user] Maybe a little bug

Serban Udrea S.Udrea at gsi.de
Wed Oct 19 08:23:51 EDT 2005

Hi Jason,

and thank you for your answer!

Maybe it would be nice if something like --force-upgrade (or a --force option) would exist 
in connection with such situations.

Anyway, I think that a message would be useful when usual --upgrade encounters a situation 
like this; e.g.:

"New package tcpip-0.17-i486-31b available. Upgrade from old tcpip-0.17-i486-31 is not 
compulsory. If you want the new package to be installed please use 

If you consider this a good thing too, I would try to make the changes and send you a patch.

Best regards,


Jason Woodward wrote:
> Hi Serban,
>>and first many thanks to Jason for slapt-get, it made my life with Slack definetely easier :-)
> Thanks =]  I'm glad to hear its useful to you.
>>Now, this is what I observed just by chance and could not find a nice solution to it. There 
>>is a patched tcpip package for Slack 10.1. The name of the patched version is 
>>tcpip-0.17-i486-31b.tgz. It seems that slapt-get doesn't believe this is an upgrade, because 
>>the older package, tcpip-0.17-i486-31.tgz, was never touched after slapt-get --update; 
>>slapt-get --upgrade. On a system with slapt-get 0.9.10 I had to download the package 
>>manually and use upgradepkg, on another system I, where I have 0.9.10d, invoking slapt-get 
>>with --install --reinstall finally did the job. I think that the "b" at the end of the 
>>package name is not taken into consideration.
> You didn't get the upgrade because the version and build are essentially the same.
> slapt-get only looks at the integer value of the build portion, hence 31 and 31b are
> equivalant.  This is one of those situations where reading the changelogs is important.
> take care,
> jason
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