[Slapt-get-user] Gslapt 0.3.9 from jaos.org segfaults

John B johnb316 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 11:14:36 EDT 2005

I use VectorLinux 5.1, which is based on Slackware 10.1. I've downloaded the
most recent slapt-get (0.9.10e) and gslapt (0.3.9) binary packages for
slackware-10.1 from software.jaos.org <http://software.jaos.org>. When I
attempt to use gslapt from the GUI, nothing happens. When I invoke gslapt
from a terminal, I get the following error messages:

[root at soho51alpha/home/john]# gslapt
Failed to open package_data
package_data: No such file or directory
Perhaps you want to run --update?
sh: kde-config: command not found
sh: kde-config: command not found
Segmentation fault

Another VectorLinux user reported the same problem in the forums. He also
reported that when he built gslapt 0.3.9 from source, it worked correctly. I
wanted to report this in case it hasn't already been reported.

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