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2019-12-12tx pullJason Woodward1-5/+5
2019-12-07tx pullJason Woodward33-1150/+643
2019-12-02updated pot and po filesJason Woodward32-980/+1623
2019-12-02updated FAQ and slack-desc removing old mailing listJason Woodward1-1/+1
2019-12-02setup polkit policy for translationJason Woodward1-0/+1
2019-07-11tx pullJason Woodward1-3/+3
2018-11-10tx pullJason Woodward1-12/+12
2018-06-21tx pullJason Woodward6-20/+46
2017-12-30tx pullJason Woodward31-37/+42
2017-07-22tx pull -aJason Woodward4-104/+1375
2016-07-09po/cs.po: update from Petr Cvek <>Jason Woodward1-1/+1
2016-07-04tx pullJason Woodward1-91/+92
2016-04-17tx pullJason Woodward1-111/+112
2015-11-30tx pullJason Woodward4-107/+108
2015-09-06fix he_IL.utf8 label text0.5.4bJason Woodward1-2/+2
2015-09-06translation updates from txJason Woodward31-3295/+911
2014-08-04update translations from sourceJason Woodward32-13079/+14104
2014-08-04tx pullJason Woodward4-14/+18
2014-08-04add type hints for entriesJason Woodward1-14/+14
2014-08-03update po/POTFILES.inJason Woodward1-2/+13
2014-04-05updating po list0.5.3jJason Woodward1-2/+7
2014-04-05tx pullJason Woodward3-567/+680
2014-01-31transifex updatesJason Woodward24-39/+42
2014-01-31new translations from transifexJason Woodward5-0/+3392
2014-01-31italian translation update (thanks Cenni Faraoni)Jason Woodward1-1/+1
2013-06-17Update russian translationIgor Murzov1-468/+358
2013-06-16More usable `make update-po`Igor Murzov1-0/+42
2013-04-29Updated translations0.5.3iJason Woodward26-583/+449
2013-03-23remove en from po/LINGUASJason Woodward1-1/+0
2013-01-19re-add removed gslapt.potJason Woodward1-0/+664
2012-10-03swedish translation updates from Ingemar via transifexJason Woodward1-4/+5
2012-09-24translation updates pulled from transifexJason Woodward25-1008/+666
2012-09-24added danish translation from gapan via transifexJason Woodward2-0/+679
2012-09-23remove useless en.poJason Woodward1-665/+0
2012-09-05updated hebrew translatio from genghiskhanJason Woodward1-21/+18
2012-08-26Updated Ukranian translation from Yarema aka KnedlykJason Woodward1-153/+168
2012-08-06updated hebrew translation from Rahut0.5.3gJason Woodward1-4/+3
2012-07-18Updated french translation from JRDJason Woodward1-108/+108
2012-06-12updated hebrew translation from Genghis KhanJason Woodward1-63/+105
2012-06-05fill in missing string in the template en translationJason Woodward1-1/+1
2012-06-05added Hebrew translation from genghiskhanJason Woodward2-0/+778
2010-11-09updated hu translation from PeterJason Woodward1-184/+184
2010-11-09hungarian translation by Peter PolonkaiJason Woodward1-209/+212
2010-06-16updated es translation from Fernando Velo0.5.3cJason Woodward2-695/+697
2010-06-16added es_AR translation from Fernando VeloJason Woodward2-0/+669
2010-06-15updated pt_BR translation from Sérgio SurkampJason Woodward1-38/+37
2010-06-15updated el translation from George VlahavasJason Woodward1-5/+6
2010-06-14updated de translation from Manfred MuellerJason Woodward1-16/+16
2010-06-09updated translations for reinstallJason Woodward25-393/+742
2010-05-24translation updatesJason Woodward27-1070/+5178
This is based on a patch from George Vlahavas to move the translatable strings from gslapt*.desktop and series_map.rc files into the po files. I updated the gslapt.pot file and the po files from the source files. xgettext --omit-header --no-wrap --no-location -j -C -o po/gslapt.pot -k_ src/*.c cd po && msgmerge -N --no-wrap --no-location -o en.po en.po gslapt.pot cd po && for po in $(ls *.po | grep -v en\.po);do msgmerge -N --no-wrap --no-location -o $po $po en.po ;done