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added note about recursive, added cvs install instructions
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* show parsed require/dep data with --show
* --list now shows pkg_name - pkg_vesion : pkg_description
* get_newest_pkg now only takes 2 arguments, struct pkg_list and char pkg_name
- * resolves dependencies and adds them to the transaction
+ * resolves dependencies (recursively) and adds them to the transaction
using lookup_pkg_dependencies and parse_dep_entry functions
* make pkg now gzip's the manpage and strips the binary (thanks Jim)
* added search_transaction function
* exit on unknown command line switch instead of barking usage info
and going on
* added is_required_by function, so --remove pkg also prompts to remove
- packages that require it
+ packages (recursively) that require it
* added get_exact_pkg function
* can now specify exact pkgname and version (if multiple versions are present)
while doing install, ie: slapt-get --install arts-1.1.3-i386-1
diff --git a/INSTALL b/INSTALL
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@@ -24,3 +24,11 @@
You will want to customize the values within /etc/slapt-getrc.
See README for more details.
+- Using cvs: -----------------------------------------------
+login with empty password
+cvs checkout slapt-get