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Updated API, generalizing several types into slapt_list_t
Replaced slapt_pkg_action_args_t, struct slapt_exclude_list, and struct slapt_suggests with slapt_list_t, a generic string list type. Added support functions slapt_parse_delimited_list, slapt_init_list, slapt_add_list_item, slapt_remove_list_item, and slapt_free_list in support of slapt_list_t. Removed now unnecessary slapt_init_exclude_list, slapt_add_exclude, slapt_remove_exclude, slapt_free_exclude_list, slapt_init_pkg_action_args, slapt_add_pkg_action_args, and slapt_free_pkg_action_args. Added convenience function slapt_parse_delimited_list that can generate a slapt_list_t from the exclude list, suggestions, dependencies, and conflicts. This greatly simplified the exclude parsing and dependency parsing.
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-0.10.2f June 07, 2010
+0.10.2f June 09, 2010
+ * Updated API, generalizing several types into slapt_list_t
* added reinstall notification
0.10.2e June 02, 2010