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FAQ update mentioning GPGME troubleshooting
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<a href="#slgFAQ51">51. How do I install a kernel rather than upgrade the existing kernel?</a>
<a href="#slgFAQ52">52. What are the relationships of CHECKSUMS.md5, PACKAGES.TXT and package_data?</a>
<a href="#slgFAQ53">53. Does slapt-get support the GPG/PGP signature verification?</a>
+<a href="#slgFAQ54">54. Why am I getting "GPGME: Invalid crypto engine"?</a>
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if verification failed.
+<a name="slgFAQ54"><b>54. Why am I getting "GPGME: Invalid crypto engine"?</b></a>
+ Recent versions of slapt-get support GPG key verification via the GPGME
+ library. GPGME requires gnupg to support the OpenPGP protocol. At this
+ time gnupg2 is not compatible with GPGME and so gnupg must also be installed.
+ gnupg 1.x can be installed side by side with gnupg2.