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<A NAME="slgFAQ42"><B>42. Is there a way to get a report with the pending updates emailed to me?</B></A>
- Yes, see <A href="http://www.nerdworks.org/download/scripts/update-notifier/">http://www.nerdworks.org/download/scripts/update-notifier/</A> for a script that
- you may use to send notification via email any time updates are available.
+ Yes, you may use these scripts to send notification via email any time updates
+ are available:
+ <A href="http://www.nerdworks.org/download/scripts/update-notifier/">http://www.nerdworks.org/download/scripts/update-notifier/</A>
+ <A href="http://www.atozcomp.com/slapt_update">http://www.atozcomp.com/slapt_update</A>
<A NAME="slgFAQ43"><B>43. What if I don't trust third party sources for upgrades?</B></A>