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<a href="#slgFAQ54">54. Why am I getting "GPGME: Invalid crypto engine"?</a>
<a href="#slgFAQ55">55. How do I support GPG signature verification in my package repository?</a>
<a href="#slgFAQ56">56. What does "GPGME: Bad file descriptor, GPG key could not be imported." mean?</a>
+<a href="#slgFAQ57">57. How do I assign priorities to my package sources?</a>
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Make sure the /proc file system is mounted.
+<a name="slgFAQ57"><b>57. How do I assign priorities to my package sources?</b></a>
+ The source priority feature is intended for keeping installed packages closely
+ synchronised with a trusted repository, rather than upgrading based on package
+ version numbers. This can be useful for tracking the patches which are
+ applied to official Slackware releases, or for following Slackware-current,
+ where package version numbers are occasionally regressed due to stability
+ issues or for other reasons. Another use for this feature is where the user
+ maintains a local repository of customised packages which are to be used in
+ preference to those on the public mirrors.
+ Every SOURCE mentioned in the slapt-getrc file is assigned a priority number,
+ which is a non-negative integer that defaults to 0. Priority is assigned by
+ appending :{PRIORITY} to the source URI. For example:
+ SOURCE={url}:DEFAULT is the default, lowest priority
+ SOURCE={url}:PREFERRED assigns more weight to this source
+ SOURCE={url}:OFFICIAL even more weight, used to denote official sources
+ SOURCE={url}:CUSTOM highest priority, for your custom package source
+ PRIORITY of DEFAULT gives the usual slapt-get behaviour, whereby packages are
+ upgraded based on their version numbers. A package from a source with the
+ default priority will upgrade the installed package only if the package from
+ the source has a higher version number. This is effectively never used but is
+ included for completeness.
+ The priorities of PREFERRED, OFFICIAL, and CUSTOM allow the packages from a
+ mirror to be tracked more closely. A package from a source with a priority
+ higher than DEFAULT will "upgrade" the installed package whenever the version
+ strings differ, regardless of whether this is an upgrade or a downgrade in
+ terms of version number comparison. Where a package is available in different
+ versions from several different sources, the package from the source with the
+ greatest priority will be used for upgrade. Version numbers are only
+ considered in the event of a tie between two packages from sources with the
+ same priority.
+ Packages within the patches sub directory always have a slightly increased
+ priority of those within the rest of the package source. This is particularly
+ useful for tracking official Slackware patches.
+ The example slapt-getrc in the source tarball or in the slapt-get directory
+ within /usr/doc/ provides example usage of package source priority assignment.