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<a href="#slgFAQ49">49. Will slapt-get support a --compile like option for slackbuilds?</a>
<a href="#slgFAQ50">50. What about mirror fall back / fail-over ?</a>
<a href="#slgFAQ51">51. How do I install a kernel rather than upgrade the existing kernel?</a>
+<a href="#slgFAQ52">52. What are the relationships of CHECKSUMS.md5, PACKAGES.TXT and package_data?</a>
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version. To override this, use --install kernel-ide --no-upgrade.
+<a name="slgFAQ52"><b>52. What are the relationships of CHECKSUMS.md5, PACKAGES.TXT and package_data?</b></a>
+ The CHECKSUMS.md5 and PACKAGES.TXT come from the remote package sources. The
+ contents of these files are merged into a modified PACKAGES.TXT format that
+ represents the packages from all current package sources.
+ The merging of all package source information happens during the --update
+ phase. Each package source is checked in turn. Every package in the
+ PACKAGES.TXT files is matched with the corresponding entry in the CHECKSUMS.md5
+ of the package source. The package data, md5sum, and package source url is
+ committed to a running package list. This list is committed to the
+ package_data file within the working directory (as configured in slapt-getrc).
+ package_data represents the aggregate package listing from all current package
+ sources.
+ In the event that a package cannot be matched by name and location to the entry
+ within the PACKAGES.TXT, the package entry within package_data is left with an
+ empty md5sum.
+ If the CHECKSUMS.md5 and PACKAGES.TXT files are not successfully retreived,
+ the running package list is not committed to package_data. The previous
+ contents of package_data are preserved. slapt-get immediately aborts with an
+ error in this case. Gslapt, however, prompts to temporarily disable the
+ source and continue.