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reordered priorities to "default < official < preferred < custom" as this seems to be more intuitive. Having preferred less than official is confusing.
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the source URI. For example:
SOURCE={url}:DEFAULT is the default, lowest priority
- SOURCE={url}:PREFERRED assigns more weight to this source
- SOURCE={url}:OFFICIAL even more weight, used to denote official sources
+ SOURCE={url}:OFFICIAL assigns more weight, used to denote official sources
+ SOURCE={url}:PREFERRED assigns even more weight to this source
SOURCE={url}:CUSTOM highest priority, for your custom package source
PRIORITY of DEFAULT gives the usual slapt-get behaviour, whereby packages are
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Packages within the patches sub directory always have a slightly increased
priority of those within the rest of the package source. This is particularly
- useful for tracking official Slackware patches.
+ useful for tracking official Slackware patches. So any packages in /patches
+ are assigned +1 priority to the package sources priority.
The example slapt-getrc in the source tarball or in the slapt-get directory
within /usr/doc/ provides example usage of package source priority assignment.