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@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ Frequenty Asked Questions:
40. Can I use slapt-get to mirror packages?
41. Is there a way to use tab completion for the package names in Bash?
42. How do I remove obsoleted packages?
+43. What provisions have you made for dialup users?
@@ -810,3 +811,15 @@ Frequenty Asked Questions:
+43. What provisions have you made for dialup users?
+ Measurements to save bandwidth have been taken.
+ * Incomplete package downloads will resume from where they left off.
+ * The package data download (via --update) will only download those sources
+ that have changed since the last download.
+ * The transaction report gives accurate statistics about sizes required to
+ download, as well as how much additional space will be required after
+ unpacking the package archives. This report will also indicate how
+ much is left to resume if the download was previously interrupted.