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32. Does EXCLUDE work for install as well as upgrade and dist-upgrade?
33. What about package conflicts? How can I specify a conflict for my package?
34. Is the ROOT environment variable honored for install and upgrading?
+35. How do I specify the exact version of a package to install?
@@ -713,5 +714,16 @@ Frequenty Asked Questions:
will modify where it looks for the package logs based on this environment
+ For example export ROOT=/home/keary/newroot would make slapt-get look in
+ /home/keary/newroot/var/log/packages for installed package information and
+ install all upgraded/new packages in /home/keary/newroot instead of /
+35. How do I specify the exact version of a package to install?
+ Specify the version along with the package name with the --install argument.
+ For example, to install pkgtools version 9.0.0-i386-1, use 'pkgtools-9.0.0-i386-1'
+ as the --install argument.