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@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ Frequenty Asked Questions:
44. Is there a way to get a report with the pending updates emailed to me?
45. What if I don't trust third party sources for upgrades?
46. How do I specify an addon thats not a dependency of my package?
+47. Will slapt-get break my system?
@@ -55,6 +56,8 @@ Frequenty Asked Questions:
installed packages, install new packages or upgrade installed packages all
with a few simple commands. Great for scripting as well.
+ slapt-get is not affiliated or endorsed by Patrick Volkerding / slackware.com.
2. Why yet another package management tool for slackware?
@@ -495,6 +498,8 @@ Frequenty Asked Questions:
# just setting them for the current command invocation
$ http_proxy=http://host:port slapt-get --update
+ If you are using ~/.netrc, libcurl automatically picks up your preferences.
27. How can I exclude all *pre*, *beta*, and *686* packages safely?
@@ -821,6 +826,7 @@ Frequenty Asked Questions:
43. What provisions have you made for dialup users?
Measurements to save bandwidth have been taken.
* Incomplete package downloads will resume from where they left off.
* The package data download (via --update) will only download those sources
that have changed since the last download.
@@ -862,4 +868,19 @@ Frequenty Asked Questions:
--show pkg-name query.
+47. Will slapt-get break my system?
+ slapt-get is a frontend to pkgtools. As such you have the same ability to
+ break a working system using slapt-get as you do using upgradepkg without
+ caution. A few points are in order:
+ * slapt-get will not make assumptions or do things without you telling it to.
+ * untested updates are risky, whether using official packages or third party
+ packages.
+ * slapt-get will not change your system such that you can only use slapt-get
+ or are somehow locked into using slapt-get. The only additions to your
+ system are /etc/slapt-get and /var/slapt-get. You are free to try another
+ solution or go back to manual upgradepkg.