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12. I don't like the download spinner, how can I get more statistics?
- If you would like more notification on downloading pkgs/files, change the
- USE_CURL_PROGRESS macro to 1 in include/curl.h. This turns on curl's
- internal progress meter. This requires a recompile.
+ If you would like more notification on downloading pkgs/files, use the
+ command line option --show-stats (or -S). This will show curl style
+ download information.
13. How can I install every available package?
@@ -252,6 +252,7 @@ Frequenty Asked Questions:
slapt-get --list|grep inst=no|awk '{print $1}'|sort|uniq|xargs -r slapt-get --install
14. What if I only want to upgrade one package?
Then you follow the debian apt-get method of using --install.
@@ -461,10 +462,6 @@ Frequenty Asked Questions:
Edit that file. For every msgid, translate that into the msgstr "". Leave the
formatting the same.
- So if your language is German,
- $ cp slapt-get.pot de.po
Email in your translation to the slapt-get-devel mailing list. Your contributions
are greatly appreciated.
@@ -673,6 +670,10 @@ Frequenty Asked Questions:
specify the package name as an argument to --install, slapt-get will
ignore the EXCLUDE list.
+ This does not apply to dependencies. If a dependency of a specified package
+ is detected, it is checked against the EXCLUDE list. If excluded, the
+ dependency check for the specified package fails. Override this with --no-dep.
33. What about package conflicts? How can I specify a conflict for my package?