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Thanks to James Simmons over at linuxpackages.net for his interest, support,
and ideas.
- See AUTHORS for more info.
+ nixon <nixon at klub dot chip dot pl> and simon
+ <ssiimm at poczta dot onet dot pl> authored the Polish translation. With
+ updates by Paul Blazejowski <paulb at blazebox dot homeip dot net>, and
+ Piotr Simon <sajmon at tenboard dot com>.
+ Arnaldo de Moraes Pereira <arnaldo at sp-dhn dot com dot br> authored the
+ Brazilian Portuguese translation.
+ Michiel H. <myself at mhil dot net> authored the Dutch translation.
+ Joran Kvalvaag <jk at nerdworks dot org> authored the Norwegian translation.
+ Ruben <ruben at snpp dot com dot ar> authored the Latin American and Spanish
+ translations.
+ Francesco Gigli <jaramir at slack dot it> authored the Italian translation.
+ Joel Bjurman <ypolt at lediga dot st> authored the Swedish translation.
+ Savvas Efstratiadis <pigouinos at mailworks dot org> authored the Greek
+ translation.
+ Niklas Volbers <mithrandir42 at web dot de> authored the German translation.
+ Oto Petrik <oto.petrik at centrum dot cz > authored the Czech translation.
+ Piotr Simon <sajmon at tenboard dot com> created the HTML version of the FAQ.
+ Miguel Santinho <info at Simplicidade dot com> authored the Portuguese_Portugal
+ translation.
+ Vu Nguyen (vncasper at yahoo dot com) authored the Vietnamese translation.
+ publikum at users dot sourceforge dot net authored the Slovenian translation.
+ Verachten Bruno <gounthar at gmail dot com> authored the French translation.
+ freerock <freerock at gmail dot com> contributed the DESTDIR support for the makefile.
+ Erik Gyepes <depi at depi dot sk> contributed the Slovak translation.