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@@ -42,11 +42,11 @@ Table of Contents:
* retrieve and apply updates
* upgrade from one slackware release to another in a few simple steps
* show description of packages, including mirror location, version, size,
- dependencies (where available), and description
+ dependencies (where available), description, and installation status
* exclude (hold) packages from upgrades, by name or by regular expression
* transaction engine for install, remove, and upgrades
* "compare package version" algorithm to prevent downgrades
- * recursive dependency resolution where available (see FAQ)
+ * recursive dependency resolution using slack-required metadata (see FAQ)
* extremely fast and easy to script with
@@ -55,8 +55,8 @@ Table of Contents:
slapt-get requires Slackware-9.0 or better, due to glibc and openssl
updates. You can also use slapt-get under Slackware 8.1 if you
- upgrade glibc-solibs and openssl from Slackware 9.0, or if the binary
- is statically linked.
+ upgrade glibc-solibs and openssl from Slackware 9.0, or if slapt-get
+ is built statically linked.
The following packages are required to build slapt-get from source:
make, gcc, curl, glibc, kernel-headers, binutils, zlib, gettext-tools,