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updated note about third party packages during dist-upgrade
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concerning dist-upgrade prior to running the command).
* --search to locate packages of interest by the package name, disk set,
or version. This supports POSIX and extended regular expressions.
- * --install to install a package. If the package is installed it will
- be upgraded
+ * --install to install a package. If the package is already installed it
+ will be upgraded.
* --list to see all the packages available from the package sources you
specified within the slapt-getrc configuration file.
* --installed to list all the packages you already have installed.
* --remove to remove packages.
- * --show to show information about packages
- * --clean to remove all downloaded packages from the local cache
+ * --show to show information about packages.
+ * --clean to remove all downloaded packages from the local cache.
* --autoclean to remove packages from local cache that are no longer
available on the package sources specified in the slapt-getrc file.