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Some mirrors are incomplete and the downloaded file is actually html
- specifying the webservers error message. Run --clean to purge tgz files
- within WORKINGDIR.
+ specifying the webservers error message. MD5 checking has been
+ incorporated in order to alleviate this problem.
If you would like more notification on downloading pkgs/files, change the
USE_CURL_PROGRESS macro to 1 in include/curl.h. This turns on curl's
internal progress meter.
If you are getting segfaults, add -g to CFLAGS in the Makefile and rebuild
- ( make clean && make ). Run in gdb and let me know via email where the
- fault happens.
+ ( make clean && make ). Change the DEBUG define in src/main.h to 1. Run
+ in gdb and let me know via email where the fault happens.
+ See the FAQ for more info.
6. Thanks and contributions