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committerJason Woodward2006-10-30 03:06:17 +0000
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extended configuration api
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diff --git a/src/configuration.h b/src/configuration.h
index 2ed0971..1591764 100644
--- a/src/configuration.h
+++ b/src/configuration.h
@@ -36,33 +36,31 @@ typedef struct {
unsigned int retry;
} slapt_rc_config;
- read the configuration from file_name
- returns (rc_config *) or NULL
+/* initialize slapt_rc_config */
+slapt_rc_config *slapt_init_config(void);
+/* read the configuration from file_name. Returns (rc_config *) or NULL */
slapt_rc_config *slapt_read_rc_config(const char *file_name);
+/* free rc_config structure */
+void slapt_free_rc_config(slapt_rc_config *global_config);
- check that working_dir exists or make it if permissions allow
+/* check that working_dir exists or make it if permissions allow */
void slapt_working_dir_init(const slapt_rc_config *global_config);
- free rc_config structure
-void slapt_free_rc_config(slapt_rc_config *global_config);
add an exclude expression to the exclude list.
commonly called with global_config->exclude_list
+struct slapt_exclude_list *slapt_init_exclude_list(void);
void slapt_add_exclude(struct slapt_exclude_list *list,const char *e);
void slapt_remove_exclude(struct slapt_exclude_list *list,const char *e);
+void slapt_free_exclude_list(struct slapt_exclude_list *list);
add or remove a package source url to the source list.
commonly called with global_config->source_list
+struct slapt_source_list *slapt_init_source_list(void);
void slapt_add_source(struct slapt_source_list *list,const char *s);
void slapt_remove_source (struct slapt_source_list *list, const char *s);
+void slapt_free_source_list(struct slapt_source_list *list);