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<A NAME="slgFAQ16"><B>16. How can I generate an exclude list for an entire disk set?</B></A>
- You can use this script to generate a listing of packages to add to your
- exclude list:
- #!/bin/sh
- # this should gen an exclude list for a particular dir set (first arg to script)
- DIR=$1
- slapt-get --search "^\.\/slackware\/${DIR}$"|awk '{print $1}'|\
- xargs -iZ echo -n "Z,"|sed -e 's/,$//'
+ You can exclude an entire disk set by placing the disk set as an exclude. Be
+ sure to use the beginning-of-line (^) and end-of-line ($) operators for
+ specific matching. For example:
+ To exclude all of ./slackware/x and ./slackware/xap
+ EXCLUDE=^./slackware/x$,^./slackware/xap$
<A NAME="slgFAQ17"><B>17. How do I use a local file source?</B></A>