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packages already installed will be upgraded. To accomplish this, you can
specify slapt-get to install a disk set like so:
- ### install all gnome and X packages
- $ slapt-get --search '^./slackware/gnome$|^./slackware/x$'|awk '{print $1}'| \
- xargs -r slapt-get --install
+ ### install all X and X application packages
+ $ slapt-get --install-set x xap
Do the same for all your installed disk sets, such as gnome, x, xap, l, n, etc.
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with. Here is how to install every package that is available but not
currently installed:
- slapt-get --available|grep inst=no|awk '{print $1}'|sort|uniq|xargs -r slapt-get --install
+ slapt-get --available|grep inst=no|awk '{print $1}'|uniq|xargs -r slapt-get --install
<a name="slgFAQ14"><b>14. What if I only want to upgrade one package?</b></a>
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<a name="slgFAQ18"><b>18. How can I download every package in a disk set?</b></a>
- You can search the package location field, which specifies which directory
- the package resides in, on the mirror.
+ You can use the install-set option to install all of the packages within a
+ disk set.
- To install every package from xap, search for the ./slackware/xap disk set:
+ To install every package from xap:
- slapt-get --search '^\.\/slackware\/xap$'|awk '{print $1}'| \
- xargs -r slapt-get --install
- You will have to pass -y when you are happy with the results.
+ slapt-get --install-set xap
<a name="slgFAQ19"><b>19. How can I add dependency information to my packages?</b></a>