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<A href="#slgFAQ19">19. How can I add dependency information to my packages?</A>
<A href="#slgFAQ20">20. How do I get the newest development version of slapt-get?</A>
<A href="#slgFAQ21">21. How can I contribute my ideas or code?</A>
-<A href="#slgFAQ22">22. How can I get slapt-get to speak in my native tong</A>ue?
+<A href="#slgFAQ22">22. How can I get slapt-get to speak in my native tongue?</A>
<A href="#slgFAQ23">23. How do I set the output language?</A>
<A href="#slgFAQ24">24. How do I specify proxy settings?</A>
<A href="#slgFAQ25">25. How can I exclude all *pre*, *beta*, and *686* packages safely?</A>
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could be as simple as what rules existed in the autoconf scripts of the
upstream source.
- This file has a simple structure. See FAQ # 19 for an example on the
+ This file has a simple structure. See <A href="#slgFAQ19">FAQ # 19</A> for an example on the
structure of an example slack-required file.
slapt-get can resolve dependencies via the slack-required meta data. Already
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The information within slack-required can be added to the PACKAGES.TXT file.
Scripts that generate mindful PACKAGES.TXT files are available, such as the
- one in this FAQ, see #17.
+ one in this FAQ, <A href="#slgFAQ17">see #17.</A>
So the package's entry within PACKAGES.TXT would go from:
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An example slack-required file is present within the slapt-get slack package.
This data will then need to be extracted when the mirror's PACKAGES.TXT file
- is generated. See FAQ #17 for an example of how to generate the
+ is generated. See <A href="#slgFAQ17">FAQ #17</A> for an example of how to generate the
PACKAGES.TXT file. The following is an example entry:
PACKAGE NAME: man-pages-1.56-noarch-1.tgz
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<A NAME="slgFAQ42"><B>42. Is there a way to get a report with the pending updates emailed to me?</B></A>
- Yes, see http://www.nerdworks.org/download/scripts/update-notifier/ for a script that
+ Yes, see <A href="http://www.nerdworks.org/download/scripts/update-notifier/">http://www.nerdworks.org/download/scripts/update-notifier/</A> for a script that
you may use to send notification via email any time updates are available.