slapt-get 0.10.1

This release features the following changes:
  • fixed an initialization errror in slapt_is_required_by() that caused a segfault when removing with --no-deps.
  • if no package sources are defined with a priority, disable use of priorities when dealing with /patches. This prevents the previous default slapt-get behavior from changing and causing confusion. With priorities, /patches is always assigned +1 above the package sources priority. So if no priorities were in use then anything found in any sources /patches always trumped anything else. This is probably the most correct behavior but it is still unexpected for existing users. To get the correct behavior, assign a priority to one or more sources.
  • reordered priorities to "default < official < preferred < custom" as this seems to be more intuitive. Having preferred less than official is confusing.
Files and documentation available at