[Slapt-get-devel] A few ideas on source package handling.

Luke Yelavich luke at audioslack.com
Tue Nov 11 18:30:32 EST 2003

At 10:38 AM 12/11/2003, Jason Woodward wrote:
>I'm cc'ing  spswg at linuxpackages.net, the Slackware Package Standards 
>Working Group mailing list
>that Jim setup.

Where do I subscribe to that list?

>I think the first order of business for your source package idea is to 
>create a tool such as
>installpkg for your source packages.  That way tools such as slapt-get can 
>simply detect its a
>source package, and call the appropriate native tool.

So you don't think it should be up to Slapt-get to detect the -src in the 
name, and use another tool rather than installpkg to install it?

Luke Yelavich
AudioSlack Founder and head package maintainer
Audio software packaged for the Slackware Linux Distribution
luke at audioslack.com

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