[Slapt-get-devel] Some infos...

motaboy80 at supereva.it motaboy80 at supereva.it
Fri Nov 14 12:50:13 EST 2003

I think that your program is very good, I love slack and I've used gentoo and 
all other distros so I think that introducing the dipendencies in slackware 
it's not an hell but a very good thing.
First the idea of introducing a slack-request file doesn't break all the 
slackware mechanism because someone can always use installpkg etc. without 
any problem.
Second, other program can find the dependencies of libraries (using ldd) but 
you can't know if a program need another program and which version of this 
program it needs.

I'm courious to know what exactly Wolkerding thinks about this idea, He's full 
contrary or there's a chance that slack-request is introduced in all the 
distros packet?

Another thing is for packages that are in conflict, I think you can add a "!" 
before the package name (and version) in slack-request. It's a rare case but 
it can always happen...


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