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Arnaldo de Moraes Pereira arnaldo at sp-dhn.com.br
Thu Nov 13 15:02:28 EST 2003

	I have to update my slapt-get.
	I've just downloaded the .pot file and I'm already translating. :)

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 14:23:12 -0500
Jason Woodward <woodwardj at jaos.org> wrote:

> Hi Arnaldo,
> > 	IMHO, slapt-get is the first professional package management system for slackware.
> > 	Of course it should get much more improved - like any young software.
> Thanks!  I'm always delighted to hear feedback.
> > 	Patrick Volkerding doesn't like the idea of installing other packages (dependencies) when it
> should install just one (me neither). That's the reason he hasn't done anything like other
> package management systems available in other distributions.
> > 	But slapt-get doesn't break slackware package system - like you said. This is why I think
> it'll be used by everyone who uses slackware.
> That is why the 'slack-required' file is so simple, yet powerful.  It will not impact the
> existing tools unless they want to explicitly pay attention.  The information about what
> program or package is required by another is just a common courtesy any developer should pass
> along to his/her users.
> > 	Personally, I don't think Patrick will like it. I haven't read any Patrick's 'review' of
> slapt-get, but I don't think he'll like it. He doesn't like anything. ;)
> As far as I know, he hasn't downloaded slapt-get at all.  
> > 	Now that I've written the off-topic stuff (is this a devel mailing list or what ?)...
> > 	What does Jason think about slapt-get stop if it couldn't fetch a package, in a --upgrade
> situation ?
> The last few series of releases (0.9.6x and 0.9.7x) have supported transactions so that nothing
> happens unless everything checks out properly.  The transaction is built up of packages to
> install, upgrade and remove.  The transaction status will be reported to the user to be
> confirmed (unless the user passes in --no-prompt on the command line).  After this
> confirmation, all packages will be downloaded before anything else happens.  If anything fails
> to download, the transaction is immediately aborted.  If all pacakges download successfully,
> all packages to be installed (new installs) are installed first.  This should satisfy
> dependencies of the packages to be upgraded, which follow after the new installs.  Finally, and
> removals in the transaction are completed.  This helps keep your system in a consistant state,
> and should give you full control.
> > 	I haven't used slapt-get for a long time, but I'm really interested in helping the project
> the way I can.
> I think the greatest help at the moment besides testing and using the software, is translating
> the template file in your native languages.  This template is available here:
> http://software.jaos.org/BUILD/slapt-get/po/slapt-get.pot
> Thanks and take care,
> jason
> --
> Jason Woodward
> woodwardj at jaos.org
> mQGiBDrwHPoRBAC3nDJRLKTcFcJWid9PN08ChMI7tuQevomWoVeZpZZ0zzip2w/E
> ts55Mx58eRRGFFmgZZGeP7EhyUPzb668LIsU62gFO7G5/oWCr3U3g3peabZsqRC9
> FchdiM8DJqQu/7ryAjbQ4OFCSW+jAsMC3tKXrdaB48WiipiXUcKR/sONGwCgzGPf
> yxDgOc7n9xWVH0qbUDC/vZsEAKvbckkhpe9/x2A4E15l6DUbliEmboeHiT9NJaok
> vLo3ElSO1o6ld5+VhFIkhRmmovrS8oyttZNv8HjMEYf6L3NdZybTHfcdS5EIpguH
> Xx2/IGzJKbgX3vM/qhJ0+F1LPuN20mOT0NO/29AXJn3V7rTKoKf/uOOKD+Eqh4r1
> QVMoBAC3ZPF3idmuW3j4tqhOaWe2qHlLwEClwdsTG+KOsVYh1sU4RvyMErDIU6r/
> MomkLAJfbtBTXKcknW68Y4Uv4B+UkyopklktRBFiMBffoHLUfkkQk/L9Yg1YG27N
> COsECiamylF8hNSTcNIQqYXDpyoRcSi2p7gqkxJZrk7GwrX2ObQjSmFzb24gV29v
> bvvgl7HoRTHY2b9n3pEPr+KIh7kBDQQ68Bz9EAQA2Ds/2VKc08qaNIkA1okxITmQ
> aaNjUrm/au9jNzm9lyEFXWXBNegzP5Y4A1ESDKUt5RETgVhNKd9mGkP7tgPTs3f6
> Z595K6W7xeZWONKbl578RbWwE1CiMqEOuXwr1/q0DzfwmNQLcqDcX3o0DEpWE+uZ
> G+5CtpkXYiDmccigDKMAAwUD/iZDxEr1HC4iLnGXUCDpxXEtp7Fx150baFzZITns
> 4hpKRAbTR65s2tL8rh5d8ThDgqW5C9JQja9fMxI2u7zlyM2ALFXJP1xwgZTSOYvn
> sq+x41i5tJpce+pDmMEl8X0wew2Z5ZRPfDLv64kKPIGNgVXsAHirH2KjChZat4VC
> qkZciEYEGBECAAYFAjrwHP0ACgkQa7bah1Sn+h7qkQCePz0ds5O/dsZrm450pjLs
> 2V3BkMAAn2/6alBBC9b9F94svdOf0mGY/G5w
> =4p8c
> my($c, at s)=(0,qw( | / - \ ));$|++;my$p;&{sub{map{$p.=chr$_}
> unpack(join('a',('',split(//,$_->[1]))),$_->[0]);}}foreach
> [qw/74117115116 2333/],[qw/65110111116104101114 2333333/],
> [qw/80101114108 2333/],[qw/729799107101114 222333/];{my$z=
> $c<4?$s[$c++]:$s [$c=0];printf"\ec%s%s%s",$z,$p,$z,select*
> STDOUT,*STDOUT,*STDOUT,0.1,;redo;}##########JAPH%

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