[Slapt-get-devel] Forw: slapt-get 0.9.8c [bug?]

Jason Woodward woodwardj at jaos.org
Mon Apr 26 14:48:56 EDT 2004

Francesco Gigli (jaramir at slack.it) noticed that the new openssh update was slipping through the
version check.  3.8p1-i486-1 was actually getting returned as newer than 3.8.1p1-i486-1.  This
was caused by the strcmp when the version integer value of the version part was the same, such as

integer_value(8) == integer_value(8p1)

and the strcmp of 8 and 8p1 returned 8p1 as being newer/greater.   

The work around was simply to not do the strcmp if the integer values of the version parts are
equal but the number of version parts are not, such as the case with 3.8p1(2) an 3.8.1p1(3).  I
am rerunning the regression tests to make sure that nothing breaks b/c of this.  

If anyone is interesting in trying the 0.9.8d release candidate, just checkout the current code
from cvs and report any bugs here.  Here is a short list of the current changes to cvs current
from 0.9.8c:  

 * example source entries for extra and testing package sets
 * set default URL to official slackware ftp in example.slapt-getrc
 * updated cmp_pkg_versions() for special case where # of version parts !=
   (fixes 3.8.1p1-i486-1 to 3.8p1-i486-1)
   thanks to Francesco Gigli (jaramir at slack.it)
 * added alias for --simulate [-s], and --no-prompt [-y]
 * updated pt_BR translation
 * es and es_ES translations

I'd like to get a few more translations in before this release.  Francesco volunteered to
author the italian translation, so that means we currently have the following translations:

 * en
 * es
 * es_ES
 * nl
 * no
 * pl
 * pt_BR
 * it

More volunteers would be appreciated.

thanks and take care,

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