[Slapt-get-devel] Re: slapt-get exit codes

J Kvalvaag jk at nerdworks.org
Wed Aug 4 18:39:32 EDT 2004

>> I am playing around a little with my update-notifier script, and found that
>> if
>> you have a typo in your slapt-getrc, so that download fails, slapt-get still
>> has exit code 0. This makes it a little harder to do error checking when
>> scripting slapt-get.
>> That is when doing "slapt-get --update".
> Try this patch... in your slapt-get source directory, zcat this file and pipe
> it to |patch -p0
> let me know how that works out for you... i'll commit it to cvs tonight.

Gee, that was quick, again :-) 0.9.8j already in CVS.

The patch is tested, and it works for me.

I think I will let the script stay like it is for a while for backwards
compability. The 0 exit code was not a big issue for the script, but it took a
while to figure out what caused the problem ;).
I will probably rewrite the script to use the error code again, but at the
same time it will have to check that the user has at least version 0.9.8j


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