[Slapt-get-devel] Re[2]: [Slapt-get-user] Filter location and meta package

Jason Woodward woodwardj at jaos.org
Mon Nov 8 14:09:46 EST 2004

Hi Kocil,

> Let's analyze the situation again.
> Between flavours, standard and soho, almost all packages are the same,
> except one or two specific packages.
> VL 5.0 standard, for example, has unique packages, e.g:
> - vldoc-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz  (documentation)
> - vlart-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz    (wallpaper etc)
> Then VL 5.0 soho has these packages:
> - vldoc-soho-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz
> - vlart-soho-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz
> When upgrading from VL STANDARD to VL SOHO,
> we want to remove vldoc-5.0 and vlart-5.0, replace it with the soho version.
> How is the best way to accomplish it ? I'm thinking of two possible 
> solutions:
> 1. Using conflicts
> Make two meta packages:
> a. vector-5.0_standard-noarch-vl5.tgz
>    required: vldoc-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz, vlart-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz
>    conflicts: vldoc-soho-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz, vlart-soho-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz
> b. vector-5.0_soho-noarch-vl5.tgz
>    required: vldoc-soho-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz, vlart-soho-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz
>    conflicts: vldoc-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz, vlart-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz
> I hope, when upgrading from standard to soho, the conflicts packages will be 
> removed.
> It won't ? Oh dear.

I just committed code to cvs to rectify this (0.9.9d forthcoming).  Just as in apt-get, if you
--install a package, it will now prompt to remove the conflicting packages.   

For example, cups and lprng conflict.  You have lprng installed, you --install cups it will
prompt to remove lprng.  If you have cups and lprng installed, and use slapt-get that has both
defined as conflicting, it will prompt to remove the package not requested by the command line.
 This does not apply to --upgrade and --dist-upgrade.  To be even clearer concerning upgrades,
if you specify --install cups it will upgrade cups if cups is installed and a newer version is
available, also removing conflicts since it was requested specifically.

To test this you can edit /var/slapt-get/package_data and setup the CONFLICTS line from both

> 2. Using same package names, different version:
> In this case, I have to rename the packages as follow:
> vldoc-soho-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz ==> vldoc-5.0_soho-noarch-vl5.tgz
> vlart-soho-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz ==> vlart-5.0_soho-noarch-vl5.tgz
> Then the flavours meta packages became:
> a. vector-5.0_standard-noarch-vl5.tgz
>    required: vldoc-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz, vlart-5.0-noarch-vl5.tgz
> b. vector-5.0_soho-noarch-vl5.tgz
>    required: vldoc-5.0_soho-noarch-vl5.tgz, vlart-5.0_soho-noarch-vl5.tgz
> So when installing, the vldoc and vlart will be upgraded too.
> Which solution do you think will work better ?

I like the first option much better.   Changing the package names that like is very unorthodox
and likely to create exceptions and corner cases and result in unexpected behavior.

> > > 3. How to choose vl packages over slack packages ?
> >Most of all the unofficial slack packages available follow a convention of 
> >putting the
> >builder's tag after the build number.  So slapt-get has been designed to 
> >work with this.  If
> >you put vl after the 5 in your example, you will get the expected results.
> Duh ... that is possible but ... not so elegant.
> May I ask a feature request ?
> Just add on option on slapt-getrc, for example:
> PREFERED_RELEASE="REGULAR_EXPRESSION_HERE"  # can be [0-9], vl?, or else
> Please, please ?.

How is this not so elegant?  It is the standard convention everyone else follows.

I don't want to introduce more configuration options, especially for broken naming conventions.

> >
> > > More difficult, Slackware has a problem with cdrtools, so we downgraded 
> >it.
> > > Slapt-get always wants to replace the right package like this:
> > >
> > > cdrtools-2.01-i486-1.tgz over cdrtools.1.10-i586-vl5.tgz
> > >
> > > That should not happen, since the older is BETTER.
> >
> >In this case, you can add cdrtools to the excludes list, cdrtools$ then 
> >rename your cdrtools to
> >cdrtools-stable-1.10-i585-5vl.tgz.  You can also use slack-conflicts to 
> >specify cdrtools as conflicting.
> Hmmm, I choose the second solution.
> I just need to put the conflicting in one file,
> for example on the distro flavour meta package :
> vector-5.0_standard-noarch-vl5.tgz
>     conflicts: cdrtools-2.01-i486-1.tgz
> Is that right ?

cdrtools >= 2.01-i486-1

> > > let's prove the capability of slapt-get with fully supportive FTP site.
> >
> >Hey, linuxpackages.net was the first! =]
> Really ?
> So why do you not recomend them on the README ? ;-)

I do believe they are mentioned twice in the README, at least twice in the FAQ, and have a
prominent place in the example.slapt-getc file.

take care,

Jason Woodward
woodwardj at jaos.org

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