[Slapt-get-devel] feature sugestion

giulianisanches giulianisanches at terra.com.br
Tue Nov 16 07:45:07 EST 2004

I placed a similar question in the list of users, 
and as he was answered that this not exists this feature
I come in the list of developer to suggest the removal of 
dependencies (--remove) like aptitude remove (aptitude is a front-end
to debian apt-get) or emerge --unmerge --depclean (gentoo):

slapt-get --install P1

D1, D2, D3, D4 are dependecies for P1
D4 is default package slack, then already installed.

slapt-get --install P2
D1 and D3 are dependencies for P2 and already installed,
then do nothing.

slapt-get --remove P1
only D2 is removed. P2 depends D1 and D3 and D4 is 
slackware default lib.

slapt-get --remove P2
D2 is removed. D4 is slackware default lib.

with this it is possible to keep slackware always clean without
affecting the default libraries.

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