[Slapt-get-devel] I fell missing an option and cache bug.

Michel Hermier michel.hermier at wanadoo.fr
Fri Oct 1 16:37:44 EDT 2004

[Now I'm registered, so I can answer properly ...]

For the cleaning problem you missunderstood me I believe.
I meant one option similar to the --clean option, but which clean files outside of cache (--purge ???).
ex: somepkg-0.0.0 has be updated to somepkg-1.0.0
If I want to only have the lastest version of the archive inside of my cache. I have to manually remove the somepkg-0.0.0.tar.gz.

For the cache problem I think I use the last version (0.9.9b), and the problem happend to me yesterday.


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