[Slapt-get-devel] Hellenic Translation (EL)

pigouinos at mailworks.org pigouinos at mailworks.org
Wed Sep 15 12:25:55 EDT 2004

Hello everyone!
I have prepared the Greek translation (Hellenic is the official name for
the Greek language and EL is its abbreviation) and I would like to send
it over to you.  Unfortunately I don't have any *nix system up at the
moment since I just got married and I haven't moved my PC home yet.  I'm
currently at work where I use Win2K and I used Notepad for the creation
of the el.po.  Before sending it over I'll need your advise.
Notepad gives a few options on the Save As... such as ANSI, Unicode,
UTF-8... with respect to the encoding.  The ISO code that I know and use
for Hellenic is ISO-8859-7 but ISO doesn't show up on notepads list.
Since I not all that familiar with the encodings please let me know in
what encoding I should save the file in so I can send it over to you.

Savvas Efstratiadis

A bit about me:  I am 29 years old, Greek and a software engineer. I
actually studied in Scotland and came back to Greece about 2 years ago.
I initiated my Linux experience in 1995 with Slackware 2.2 (I think)
although I dropped it soon, after falling in love with NetBSD.  During
my studies I spent most of my time playing around with the different
BSDs and some of the mainstream linux distros.  After completing my
studies and an inactive period of two years (trying to take care of my
occupational status) I am now looking to get back in the play.  A few
months back I participated in an Open Source conferance in my city
(Patras) and beeing surprised by the evolution of Linux I couldn't help
myself from getting involved.  To be honest Debian looked like the way
to go at that time but things like the forever waiting of Sarge had me
looking around.  With Slackware being my first distro, being the next
thing closest to the BSDs ideas and setup, and with slapt-get providing
an APT like system I think I've made up my mind on what my next install
will be.  Hopefully it will come and stay.
As mentioned at my message above I am now awaiting to get my PC to my
new home and take the first step.  As you can imagine, in the meantime,
I thought some community work would get me back in the mood...
Bye for now and I hope to hear from you soon.

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