[Slapt-get-devel] Symbol error with Gslapt

Jason Woodward woodwardj at jaos.org
Thu Dec 29 17:34:26 EST 2005

Hi Manfred,

> first of all my best wishes for 2006 !

Thanks, and best wishes for 2006 to you as well!

> at the moment i am working on a german slack-based live-cd.
> it is working nearly 90% ( including kde 3.5 + slapt-get ) but when i try to start gslapt, i
get the following error:
> >> gslapt: symbol lookup error: gslapt: undefined symbol:
slapt_clean_pkg_dir <<
> if you could give me any hint, i would very much appreciate it.

What version of gslapt and slapt-get are you using?  Are these built from soure or from the
packages on software.jaos.org?	And which slack version of the packages did you download if so?

thanks and take care,

Jason Woodward
woodwardj at jaos.org

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