[Slapt-get-devel] slapt-get 0.9.9h

Michel Hermier michel.hermier at wanadoo.fr
Sun Feb 13 19:20:16 EST 2005

On Sunday 13 February 2005 23:10, Dan Barber wrote:
> I'm on 10.1 with slapt-get 9.9h now and everything is working as expected.
> it seemed to be affected only during the install.

The problem is that it must not be the last package, because other package 
will correct the directories rights. Because other package have the corrects 
ones. if you try to reinstall it now without anything else you'll see the 
problem showing up again.
Which source are you using? because it seems only current and 10.1 are 
affected. If in your slaptget-rc you still use 10.0 source you won't see the 

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