[Slapt-get-devel] Proposal - handling of missing sources

A.J. Venter aj at getopenlab.com
Wed Feb 15 12:02:39 EST 2006

> Maybe your wrapper could generate a custom oladrc file and then invoke
> slapt-get like this slapt-get --config /path/to/oladrc --update ||
> slapt-get --update
> so that if those fail it falls back to the normal slapt-getrc file.
Now THAT sounds like the idea I have been looking for, it allows me to add my 
automagic sources there, without ever having to TOUCH the real slapt-getrc, 
and ergo when my wrapper is in control of the thing, the normal sources won't 
interfere and when something else like say gslapt is running they won't be 
impacted either.

I like this one, thanks.


A.J. Venter
Chief Software Architext
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