[Slapt-get-devel] Gslapt desktop shortcut (mainly)

Jason Woodward woodwardj at jaos.org
Wed May 24 00:25:01 EDT 2006

Hi Jakob,

> I must say I find slapt-get and gslapt great tools! I've only got a 
> couple of things which I would like to see added.

Thanks, glad you find them useful!

> First, in the gslapt.desktop shortcut, wouldn't it be useful to have the 
> "Exec" field use "gnomesu $PATH/gslapt" instead of "$PATH/gslapt" as it 
> is now? For the KDE-menus, a similar kdesu (or what it's called) could 
> be added. This way, it's easy to start gslapt and upgrade from within 
> any user with root capabilities. For now, it's only useful for a 
> graphically logged in root to have this shortcut..

Hrmm, what package are you using?  The packages from software.jaos.org should have this by
default as the install.sh should be generated to use one of those by default.

	@echo -n "for DESKTOPFILE in " > $(PKGDIR)/install/doinst.sh
	@echo -n "$(DESTDIR)/$(datadir)/applications/gslapt.desktop " |sed -re "s/^\/+//" >>
	@echo "$(DESTDIR)/$(datadir)/applications/gslapt-kde.desktop" |sed -re "s/^\/+//" >>
	@echo "do" >> $(PKGDIR)/install/doinst.sh
	@echo 'if [ -f $$DESKTOPFILE ]; then if [ -x usr/bin/gksudo ]; then sed -i.bak -re
"s/(Exec=)(\/usr\/sbin\/gslapt)/\1gksudo \2/" $$DESKTOPFILE; elif [ -x usr/bin/gksu ]; then sed
-i.bak -re "s/(Exec=)(\/usr\/sbin\/gslapt)/\1gksu \2/" $$DESKTOPFILE; elif [ -x usr/bin/gnomesu
]; then sed -i.bak -re "s/(Exec=)(\/usr\/sbin\/gslapt)/\1gnomesu \2/" $$DESKTOPFILE; elif [ -x
usr/bin/kdesu ]; then sed -i.bak -re "s/(Exec=)(\/usr\/sbin\/gslapt)/\1kdesu \2/"
$$DESKTOPFILE; fi; fi' >> $(PKGDIR)/install/doinst.sh
	@echo "done" >> $(PKGDIR)/install/doinst.sh
	@echo 'if [ -x usr/bin/update-desktop-database ]; then usr/bin/update-desktop-database
&>/dev/null; fi' >> $(PKGDIR)/install/doinst.sh

> Second, when --search'ing for a package in slapt-get, it's quite easy to 
> find the packages you want, but it's sometimes a bit tedious to type the 
> entire names when installing. If I try for example:
> slapt-get --install gecko-sharp
> I get "No such package:", even though this would be the only match to 
> gecko-sharp-2.0. As of now, I have to do:
> slapt-get --install gecko-sharp-2.0

That is usually the case where you can use the short name and slapt-get picks the newest
version.  But gecko-sharp-2.0 is the package name, denoting the 2.0 series of gecko-sharp.


Jason Woodward
woodwardj at jaos.org

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