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Jason Woodward woodwardj at jaos.org
Wed Oct 3 22:53:09 EDT 2007

Hi Zeqadious,

> I use a Slackware derivative distribution called Zenwalk and I would like to use slapt-get to
access the repositories.  
> I think that slapt-get supports many more features and has a much more solid userbase than
Zenwalk's proprietary netpkg solution.  
> Being able to use .tlz and .tgz packages simultaneously is a very great feature that I intend
to exploit.
> However I have a bug/glitch that I would like to to present first.  Perhaps its just me or my
distro that is at fault, but if a solution is to be had I believe that you will know it first.
>   Zenwalk uses a slightly modified slackware repository structure
[a,ap,d,n,s,l,x,xap,extra/a,extra/ap,extra/d,extra/n,extra/s,extra/x,extra/l,extra/xap] I'm
sure you get the idea.
>   Because of this extra level directory I think that slapt-get cannot get packages out of it.
 I have tried and failed to get any package that is beyond the one directory tier.
>   I can slapt-get gettext for instance as its in /ap, but not sdl in /extra/l.

This is due to the way Slackware adds additional path information for the extra, testing, and
pasture packages which causes 404 errors upon package download.  Slapt-get tries to counteract
this by stripping the duplicates away.

I have committed a change to cvs that I would like you to try that allows you to disable this
workaround at compile time.  The side effect of this is that slapt-get will not be able to use
the extra, testing, and pasture repositories from Slackware proper.  But you will still be able
to use the main slackware repository.  I'm not sure if that is really that big of a loss for
zenwalk users as those are probably hardly used. 

In order to enable this workaround, modify the src/main.h file, and change the following line:




Recompile slapt-get and you should be good to go.  You won't have to recompile gslapt for this
as long as you install the resulting libslapt.so file from the newly built slapt-get source.

Let me know how this works for you.

take care,
Jason Woodward
woodwardj at jaos.org

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