[Slapt-get-devel] slapt-get "source priority" patches

Ken Milmore ken.milmore at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 22 16:50:46 EST 2008

The attached patches are my attempt at implementing "source priority" 
support for slapt-get, which can be useful for keeping your system 
closely in step with an online repository (such as the official 
Slackware release and patches).

I implemented this feature after noticing that slapt-get occasionally 
ignores an official Slackware patch, because it considers the version 
number to be a "downgrade" from the installed package.

With the patches applied, it is possible to nominate certain mirrors 
from which packages will always be installed, regardless of version 
number.  Each mirror can be assigned a priority level, and the mirror 
with the highest priority is always chosen to download a package.  But 
I've tried to make things sufficiently flexible that it is possible to 
keep your core system in line with the official patches, while still 
upgrading ancilliary packages based on version numbers.

Two patches are included, against the CVS versions of slapt-get and 
gslapt.  The slapt-get patch includes some documentation, with an 
example config file.  The gslapt patch provides basic support for the 
new feature, but could do with further work to allow display and editing 
of the mirror priorities.

I hope this is of use to somebody.  Be warned that it has received 
minimal testing, and there are probably hideous bugs or other drawbacks 
that I haven't thought of.  Use at your own risk!  Any comments or 
suggestions are welcome.


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