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Xavian-Anderson Macpherson Shingoshi at comcast.net
Mon Feb 16 12:33:04 EST 2009

It's about time someone figured out how to do this. I asked for this a 
long time ago.

Thank you so very much!
Xavian-Anderson Macpherson

Brane F. Gračnar wrote:
> On Friday 16 January 2009 22:25:34 you wrote:
>> Hi Brane,
>> I'll always take patches.  That sounds good as long as it is nice and
>> clean.  Did you mean to attach it here?
> Here are my patches. They apply cleanly to 0.10.1. I've also added nice
> generate-slapt-repository script for generation of slapt repositories. It's
> based on your script on the website, but it's more robust and it creates
> subdir "mountable" slapt-get repositories.
>>> - - posibility to add some
>>> special variables to SOURCE directive example:
>>> SOURCE=http://dist.example.org/repo/${ARCH}/${SLACKWARE_VERSION}
>>> ... etc... What do you think? Best regards, Brane
>> Not sure I follow the use of this.... where is arch and slackware version
>> set?  What utility does it have over having just the name filled in within
>> the source line?  I'm not sure the added parsing complexity is worth it.
> Check out the patches... Why are they useful? I've got a cluster containing
> hundreds of machines installed with various slackware variants (slackware,
> slamd64 and bluewhite64) and i have only one
> repository consisting all packages for all distributions and all archs,
> separated in different directories - the problem was that i wasn't able to
> use the same slapt-getrc on all those different slackware variants.
> This patch enables this behaviour, becouse you can put a line like this in
> your slapt-getrc:
> SOURCE=http://repo.example.org/mirrors/${DISTRO_NAME_LC}-${DISTRO_VERSION_MAJOR}.
> And this would expand to the following:
>   http://repo.example.org/mirrors/slackware-12.2/:OFFICIAL      (slackware)
>   http://repo.example.org/mirrors/slamd64-12.2/:OFFICIAL        (slamd64)
>   http://repo.example.org/mirrors/bluewhite64-12.2/:OFFICIAL    (bluewhite64)
> For complete list of variables that can be inserted in slapt-getrc see
> Changelog or example slapt-getrc file.
> Attached patch also adds support for more apt-get-like usage of slapt-get. All
> command targets, that now need to be prefixed by double dash (--) can now be
> specified without them. Example:
> slapt-get --install <pkgname>    ==    slapt-get install <pkgname>
> slapt-get --update               ==    slapt-get update
> ... and so on.
> Please consider the patches for inclusion in the next release of slapt-get;
> perhaps more people would find these patches useful.
> Best regards, Brane
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