[Slapt-get-devel] dependencies don't show up right in gslapt

George Vlahavas vlahavas at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 07:08:24 EDT 2009


This time I think I found a real bug. Not really an important one, as in the
end, when downloading and installing packages, gslapt works right, but still
a bug I think.

Steps to reproduce:
1. I have these in my sources list:


2. Remove any amarok package if it's installed
3. Open gslapt and refresh
4. Search for "amarok".
5. You'll get a list with two amarok packages, one coming from the slackware
repository and one coming for the salix repository.
6. If you click on the one from the slackware repository and try to view the
Dependencies tab at the bottom, it is blank. Not just empty from
dependencies, but completely blank.
7. If you click on the amarok package coming from the salix repository,
you'll get the dependency list. But if you then click again on the slackware
package entry, you'll get the exact same dependency list, which is wrong, as
slackware repos don't have any dependencies. Same if you click on exaile and
then on the slackware amarok package.

That's it, hope you'll be able to reproduce it.

Best regards,

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