[Slapt-get-devel] slapt-src-0.1 / de translation / error in PKGTAG

Igor Murzov igor at gplsoft.org
Mon Oct 18 11:23:20 EDT 2010

On Monday 18 October 2010 02:25:48 Jason Woodward wrote:
> > It is easily reproducable by adding a blank at the end of the tag.
> > 
> > Example: 'PKGTAG=lmo' will lead to <pkgname>lm.txz
> > 
> >		'PKGTAG=lmo ' will lead to <pkgname>lmo.txz
> I'm not able to reproduce this with git current.  Try the above download
> and let me know if you still see this.	If so, which version of slackware
> are you using?

I suspect that this error is due to '\r\n' in the end of line.

Missing closing square bracket in the man page:
slapt-src.8:77: .B --search|-s [expression(s)

Hey, Jason, what's wrong with the mailing list? Not all e-mails delivered in 

-- Igor

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