[Slapt-get-devel] slapt-src utility in need of early testing

Igor Murzov igor at gplsoft.org
Thu Sep 16 18:16:26 EDT 2010

Hi, Jason.

I'm glad you started to develop slapt-src. )

> I have a very early implementation of slapt-src that really needs testing,
> suggestions, and ideas.  If anyone is interested, you need the current
> slapt-get code from git before building slapt-src.

Here is my suggestions:
Almost all SlackBuilds that I've seen allow to set ARCH from the outside. It 
will be cool if slapt-src will allow to set ARCH too. I don't have any reason 
to build packages with default i486 arch. I'd like to build packages for i686 
or even with '-march=native -mtune=native'. Altering build suffix will be cool 
For testing purpose I propose to use '-s' switch just as '--simulate|-s' to be 
able to see what will happen without worrying that something unexpected will 
occur. Anyway '-s' is broken at the moment:
# slapt-src -s clive
slapt-src: option '-s' is ambiguous
slapt-src - A SlackBuild utility
Usage: slapt-src [action]
  --update |-u  - update local cache of remote slackbuilds
  --list   |-l  - list available slackbuilds
Usage: slapt-src [action] [slackbuild(s)]
  --search |-s  - search available slackbuilds
  --show   |-w  - show specified slackbuilds
  --install|-i  - fetch, build, and install the specified slackbuild(s)
  --build  |-b  - only fetch and build the specified slackbuild(s)
  --fetch  |-f  - only fetch the specified slackbuild(s)
# slapt-src --search clive
clive - 1.0.1: clive is an open source command-line utility for extracting 
videos from

Some bugs:
Man page and slapt-srcrc not installed by  'make install'.
"[  --update|-u  ]" mentioned twice in SYNOPSIS section of man page.
Short options broken (-s and -w) because of getopt_long_only().

Some questions:
How slapt-src handle dependencies? 
Why slapt-get and slapt-src list info about packages in different formats? 

With best regards,

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