[Slapt-get-devel] slapt-src utility in need of early testing

Jason Woodward woodwardj at jaos.org
Sat Sep 18 10:13:50 EDT 2010


> What all this extra spaces around dashes for? And why there is no info

> about 
> if package is already installed or not?

I removed the extra spaces between name-version.

As for the info concerning being installed or not, the short answer is
slapt-get --list provides that.  The longer answer is it is unclear at this

point where the overlap is between the slapt-get and slapt-src.

> And it is probably a good idea to not duplicate things in

> or 
> whatever all info is stored in. For example having this lines:
> VERSION="0.6"
> DOWNLOAD="http://3proxy.ru/0.6/3proxy-0.6.tgz"
> makes it hard to use slackbuild for example for 0.6.1 version.

This info is straight from the slackbuild info files.  The SLACKBUILDS.TXT
format itself is not finalized.

> Another bug:
> Info file at .../academic/GMT/GMT.info contains multiple lines for
> and 
> MD5SUM fields. And slapt-src seems to unable to handle this properly.
> is 
> only one line for DOWNLOAD and MD5SUM in my /usr/src/slapt-
> src/slackbuilds_data. And building GMT package fails.

This is due to the previous point.  This should be resolved in an updated
SLACKBUILDS.TXT format change.

take care,
Jason Woodward

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