[Slapt-get-devel] Slapt Extras for PackageKit

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Tue Sep 28 05:00:23 EDT 2010

Jason Woodward wrote:

> I am attaching a patch to update support for slapt-get in  
> PackageKit.  The
> upcoming release typdef's a few old structs to clean up the  
> exported api.
> I hope to have this out by this weekend.  No rush obviously on your  
> end.  I
> didn't want to break your existing work so I figured this is a  
> great way to
> give you a heads up.  =]

OK, if I can manage the git-foo and get my slackware running, I'll  

Eventually I would like to hand the backends for slapt and ports over...

The way that PackageKit works, it is much better if handled by someone
from the "community" of each "distribution", than just one developer.

For instance, someone would need to package PackageKit up for  
Slackware ?

But I guess these are special, as slapt-get and pkgtools aren't  

"slapt" backend uses http://software.jaos.org/#slapt-get for Slackware
"ports" backend uses http://wiki.freebsd.org/portupgrade for FreeBSD

The main difference would be that "slapt" is in C and "ports" is in  


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