[Slapt-get-devel] slapt-src: a proposal of new format of the help message v2

Igor Murzov intergalactic.anonymous at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 07:48:23 EDT 2011

Hi, list :)

I don't like formatting of the help message. I propose to reformat it this 
$ LANG=C ./src/slapt-src 
slapt-src - A SlackBuild utility

Usage: slapt-src --update|--list|--clean
       slapt-src [option(s)] [action] [slackbuild(s)]

 -u, --update          update local cache of remote slackbuilds
 -l, --list            list available slackbuilds
 -e, --clean           clean build directory
 -i, --install         fetch, build, and install the specified slackbuild(s)
 -b, --build           fetch and build the specified slackbuild(s)
 -f, --fetch           only fetch the specified slackbuild(s)
 -s, --search          search available slackbuilds
 -w, --show            show specified slackbuilds
 -h, --help            display this help
 -v, --version         print version and license info

 -y, --yes             do not prompt
 -c, --config=FILE     use the specified configuration file
 -n, --no-dep          do not look for dependencies
 -p, --postprocess=CMD run specified command on generated package
Properly displayed monospace version: http://paste.org.ru/?72q826

-- Igor

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