[Slapt-get-devel] gslapt gtk updates

George Vlahavas vlahavas at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 12:50:50 EDT 2014

Hi Jason,

sorry, I haven't had the time to actually dig deep into it, but from the 
minimal testing I've done, I can see there are no major hiccups. 
Everything works. And building with gtk3 seems to make no difference with 
building with gtk2.


1. Menu icons are missing in most places. Also in the right click menu 
when you click a package.

2. Since you are in the process of updating the GUI, I think it would be a 
good idea to make popup windows transient to the main gslapt window. 
As it is right now, you can open the preferences window for example, 
switch back to the main window, but then you're unable to do anything to 
it. Making windows transient to the main window will make it impossible to 
switch to the main window while you have a popup window open. The 
changelog, legend and about windows can be excluded from that I think. 
But the summary and preferences window should be in my opinion.

3. The legend window is set to be always on top. I'm not sure, but maybe 
that can be made normal I think. Same with the about window.

Other than that, I personally would prefer it if gtk3 was optional and 
wasn't made mandatory, at least for now.

On Mon, 23 Jun 2014, Jason Woodward wrote:

> I'm thinking of switching to Gtk3 for gslapt.  In the meantime, I have a
> proof of concept branch that drops all of the old cruft and moves to
> gtkbuilder for the ui.	This should put things in pretty good shape for
> gtk3 compatibility.
> It's very early but things should be mostly ironed out.  Anyone want to
> kick the tires?
> http://software.jaos.org/git/gslapt/log/?h=gtkbuilder
> take care,
> jason
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> woodwardj at jaos.org
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