[Slapt-get-user] slapt-get and package names with numbers as name components

N. Volbers mithrandir42 at web.de
Thu Nov 17 16:06:14 EST 2005

Hello Jason and all others,

a few days ago I posted a message to the frg list, and I  just want to 
repeat the second part of it here to make sure that you are aware of the 

> (2) When installing e.g. beagle using slapt-get, dependencies will not 
> be properly resolved.  The reason is that two mono packages have a 
> naming convention with an additional number before the version number, 
> e.g. gecko-sharp-2.0-0.11-i486-1frg.  Somehow slapt-get does not seem 
> to handle this correctly.  I needed to manually use 'slapt-get 
> --install gecko-sharp-2.0'.  (I know this is more of a slapt-get 
> issue, but Jason is reading the list, isn't he?).

Best regards,


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