[Slapt-get-devel] suggestions and ideas

Stefano Stabellini stefano at stabellini.net
Fri Dec 9 04:34:46 EST 2005

Jason Woodward wrote:
> Jim over at linuxpackages.net already setup a repository for source packages, found here
> http://www2.linuxpackages.net/packages/SlackBuilds/
> It uses the existing framework but has "-src" packages which contain the source and the build
> script within the tgz.  He even generated the required files to support this as a slapt-get
> package source.  Check it out.

I still prefer the kind of repository I have suggested before, the main
reason is that everyone is already using it:


But even if we choose to use a classic repository with "-src" packages
still few problems remain:

-the user can't build packages automatically, he has to install a "-src"
package and then manually execute the Slackbuild

-the main issue is about dependencies: postfix-src requires
cyrus-sasl-src or simply cyrus-sasl?
I think the user should be able to choose what to do for each
dependency. For example:

   PACKAGE REQUIRED:x11 >= 6.8.2-i486-3, xaw3d >= 1.5-i386-3

the user should be able to install X11 from a binary package and then
build xaw3d from a "-src" package.

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