[Slapt-get-devel] Translation typo.

Jörgen Lidholm jlm01001 at student.mdh.se
Mon Jun 13 16:14:11 EDT 2005

lör 2005-06-11 klockan 09:26 -0400 skrev Dan Barber:
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> > > By the way I think gslapt is pretty nice, there are a few things I don't
> > > like about it but I'll take that another time! ;-)
> >
> > By all means share your suggestions or wants.  =]
> yep. Another vote against the icon.  They're adding up.  I think we are at
> "two" now. ;)

Actually I have noting to say about the icon, though I have another

When I started gslapt up for the first time, I added lots of
repositories. Then I wanted to upgrade my system, and of course gslapt
suggested that I should upgrade with a certain set of packages from each
and every one of the repos I added. This is of course expekted.

Lots of my packages I want to be upgraded from a "trusted" slackware
repos (actually a slackware.com mirror) and some I don't care who
actually created the package.

I don't have _the_ sollution for this, but I have a few vague ideas that
maybe could develop into something nice!

If I only want to upgrade from specific slackware mirrors:
1) In the source settings one could have checkboxes in front of each
source, which should activate or deactivate a source. This way I don't
have to remove them from the source settings.

2) gslapt could suggest all newer versions of my package
foo-x.y.z-arch-1, like:
  # foo-x.y.z-arch-2me
  # foo-x.y.z-arch-2you
  # ...
 I can't come up with a nice interface for this. (thinking... ;-) )

One more thing. I think it would be nice to be able to save searches
that later on could be clicked like a quick search... Ok saving them
sounds quite weired, more like a clickable search history.

How do you guys feel about my ideas?
At school i'm currently running ubuntu and I really like synaptic. And I
think gslapt has come pretty far. Keep up the good work, I'll try to
contribute in more ways when I get some spare time! =D

I will sign up on the mailing list if someone is really quick to answer
please CC me.

regards Jörgen

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> > take care,
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